Full Exclusion High Tension Netting Barrier

Pacific Netting was contacted by the owner and engineer who had been experiencing nuclear reactor shut downs each year due to algae entrainment in cooling water intakes. We formed a team with the customer and their engineers to design and develop a cost saving solution and install an algae and debris blocking net. The success of that net led to customer confidence in design of a larger, seasonally deployed system that could provide additional benefits.

PNP engineered a constant tension net with its proprietary Netfloat Pressure Release System designed to reduce net load during high water flow velocity or inclement weather while still maintaining shape, position and barrier net effectiveness.

PNP participated in detailed quality control and inspection procedures to insure fail-safe design, installation and operation of our equipment at this nuclear facility. In addition to blocking debris, the PNP solution prevents the entrainment of fish in the cooling water intakes and deflect the beds of algae which seasonally occur, allowing the natural process to continue.

As a result, the installation resulted in a reduction of risk of plant shut downs and provided substantial financial savings through decreased plant maintenance and increase production while protecting fish and the environment.

Key Features 

  • Built in 2007
  • Expanded in 2009 2000 foot long, 9-panel knotted Dyneema Netting
  • 3/4" x 3/4" and 2" x 2" net
  • Provides debris control and fish exclusion
  • Designed for single direction water flow velocities from 1.0 – 3.0 fps
  • Seasonally deployed