Full Exclusion Netting Barrier


The 2172 MW Ludington Pumped Storage Plant in Ludington, Michigan, is owned jointly by Consumers Energy and DTE Energy and operated by Consumers Energy. PNP has been providing our barrier net technology to this customer since 2002 to assist them in reducing passage of fish through generation units at the largest pumped storage facility in the US. PNP designed and supplied a Netfloat Pressure Release System for the facility to reduce load during high water flow velocity or inclement weather while still maintaining the net’s shape, position and effectiveness. The net is the largest barrier net in the world. During generation and pumping, over 2 billion cubic ft of water per hour flow through it. The ocean conditions, rolling surf and winds, and high water flow velocity present many unique challenges. For this critical installation, the owner chooses to keep a redundant backup net on site. Due to weather and ice, this net is seasonally deployed, continuously cleaned during deployment, and 20% of the net is replaced annually to maintain effectiveness.


  • 2.5 mile long, 55 ft average depth 650,000 sq ft
  • 1/2” x 1/2” and 3/4” x 3/4” Dyneema® diamond mesh netting
  • Top skirt 2” Dyneema® mesh
  • 62 component sections, each varying for 100 to 300 ft in length
  • Anchored from sub-surface steel embedment anchors
  • Designed for bi-directional currents
  • Water flow velocities up to 5.0 fps
  • Seasonally deployed, continually maintained
  • PNP Netfloat Pressure Release System