Full Exclusion Netting Barrier

Pacific Netting installed a custom barrier net to reduce entrainment and impingement of adult Paddlefish and other game fish through facility turbines. We assisted Alden Research Laboratory in a study of fish Paddlefish behavior when encountering netting barriers to help determine the optimum mesh size and to assure the acceptance of our solution by biologist and the fish committee. We worked closely with engineers and operators of the facility to ensure that an effective fish exclusion barrier, debris management system, and fail-safe deployment could be installed just 10 feet from the nearest turbine intake. After 11 years, the project still enjoys tremendous success, with minimal maintenance and repair.

Key Features

  • Full Exclusion Netting Barrier

  • 1,200 ft. long x 120 ft. deep

  • 1”x1” and 2”x2” Dyneema Netting

  • Located within 10’ of the nearest intake

  • Debris net: 850 ft. x 20 ft. installed 12’ upstream

  • Designed for Single direction flow

  • Periodic reverse directional currents

  • Water flow velocities of 1.0 to 3.4 fps

  • Minimal maintenance