In 2014, Portland General Electric contacted Pacific Netting Products for help with achieving their fish passage goals on the Clackamas River as well as meeting FERC and NMFS environmental requirements. Improving wild fish passage is not only a requirement for PGE’s federal license, but a commitment that PGE maintains to ensure the continuation of healthy fish runs for future generations. 

PGE made it clear that the North Fork Floating Surface Collector would be the company’s biggest fish passage project on the Clackamas to date. In addition, it “is intended to work in combination with all the other structures that are existing or being built to get 97 percent passage through the three dam complex,”

 PNP responded with a proposal for a 500’ Long X 75’ Deep flexible barrier solution with attachments to the dam, shore and lake bottom as well as an in-line boat passage.  The engineers at PNP designed a fish guidance net to lead downstream migrants to the entrance of the fish surface collector where the flexible barrier was custom attached to allow for raising and lowering to facilitate maintenance.  The juvenile fish will be directed into a newly constructed pipe that will take them through and around North Fork Dam to join with the existing pipe to deposit the baby fish downstream. 


Key Features 

  • 500' Long X 75' Deep
  • 18” X 24” hard shell foam-filled PE floats on 1” stainless cable
  • In-line boat passage gate
  • 1/4" knotless Dyneema
  • Custom attached to allow for 20' raise/lower of FSC for service
  • Dam, shore & in-lake anchors
  • Deployed year round
  • Anticipated lifespan: 10 years