City Water, Light, and Power of Springfield, IL operates 4 coal-fired steam turbine generators.  In 2015, CWLP contacted Pacific Netting Products to help them meet the requirements set forth by The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.  

316(b) provides standards so that water intake structures minimize their adverse impacts on fish, fish eggs, shellfish, and other marine life. 

Pacific Netting Products engineered, built and installed a barrier net that not only helped CWLP achieve regulatory compliance, but simultaneously improved power plant efficiency by keeping internal debris screens clean, eliminating plant shutdowns due to reduced coolant water intake, and reducing the operations and maintenance cost of the previous solution. 

The project at CWLP is a perfect example of how easy it can be to resolve 316(b) issues at smaller facilities, improving the environment and advancing operational efficiency all at the same time.


Key Features

  • 450’ Length X 50’ Deep

  • ¼” mesh netting & Yellow PVC floats

  • Designed for 100% exclusion of fish and debris into the power plant

  • Shore anchors

  • Deployed year-round

  • Anticipated lifespan: 10 years