PNP treats each installation as it's most important and belives "failure is not an option".

Our designs are made to last and our installations serve that end. For some customers, we provide the installation of our systems. For many, we work with the world's best construction and installation contractors, supporting them and the end-user throughout the process of their involvement, acting either as a subcontractor or as the prime contractor. 

We have installed projects in the middle of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at high altitude lakes in Colorado where the ice is solid for a long winter, in Alaska where the tide fluctuates over 24 feet twice a day and in the hot sun in the Middle East, where port security is critical. 

Our years of experience have taught no two projects are alike and the experience gained from each is useful for the next.

We design, build and install as you need, whether you are a plant owner, a regulator, an operator, engineer, contractor, or agency, please let us know how we can help.

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