The modular design of PNP MultiFunction Security Booms allows owners, operators, and industry consulting engineers the ability to properly size, align, position, anchor,  customize and configure their security booms with confidence and with site-specific attachments that meet the end users unique port and dam security requirements.

With pontoons that are nearly bullet-proof (ask us for test samples) non-corrosive, resistant to biological growth, durable and abrasion-resistant, the benefits of the MultiFunction Security Boom include:

Effectiveness: No two sites are alike. To be effective, the MultiFunction Security Boom is built with a modular design, allowing the size, shape, and features of the boom to achieve the intended or expected outcome at vastly different facilities, providing not only effective security results but effective use of capital, time and energy invested.

Reduced Operation and Maintenance costs: PNP MultiFunction Security Booms have few, if any, moving parts. Built with pontoons that are nearly bullet-proof (ask us for test samples), non-corrosive, resistant to biological growth, durable and abrasion-resistant, the reduced cost of O and M cost of this boom makes it a wise investment.

Longevity: Consider both the economic life of the facility and the useful life of the boom. When you can reduce reoccurring replacement frequency and costs, you can alter the financial accounting of the boom investment from an expense to an asset. The MultiFunction Security Boom is delivered with pontoons warrantied to be watertight for 10 years and has a service life of 50 years with minimal maintenance of flotation segments and easy replacement of modification of the above-water portions of the boom. 

Safety: The robust, seaworthy design reduces safety risks and associated costs, to owners and operators. To survive in the harsh environment where booms are often deployed, MultiFunction booms have the properties of both high tensile strength and a high bending radius. This allows the boom to accommodate the resultants of stresses distributed over the boom by physical security threats as well as ice, debris,  or grounding during pool fluctuation. With a high strain capacity and fatigue resistance, the booms safely adjust to variable external forces of waves and loads. Thet can be fitted with lights, warning signs, fences, or flags or coated with color as required.

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