Demarcation and Public Safety Are Critical

Facilities often need booms forebay, in dangerous waterways, in the tailrace, some with self-rescue features, others with large signs, lights, or colors.  When used, PNP MultiFunction Booms can provide multiple benefits to owners, regulators, and operators of these facilities, as well as users of the waterways where demarcation and public safety are critical.

Forebay: Often the biggest challenge providing demarcation and public safety in the forebay is the interrelationship between safe exclusion of swimmers or distressed boaters the need to pass debris and ice.

Self Rescue: MultiFunction Booms can be designed with gaps between boom sections that allow this debris to pass or with boom sections that are flange bolted together, so the entire boom becomes one continuous surface, providing enhanced self-rescue opportunities. For some sites, a MultiFuncton Boom design incorporates both types of boom sections and connections.

With no gaps between boom sections, distressed boaters or swimmers can follow the boom for self-rescue. Optional attachments can be fitted for signs, lights, platforms, handholds, cleats, sirens, cameras, or other requirements.  By reducing the opportunity for unauthorized access between boom sections and with standard sizes of up 48 inches, the MF Boom can be effective at preventing most small watercraft from entering or jumping over the boom in smooth, fast water. In this arrangement, the MultiFunction Boom itself is the structural load member. Available in standard sizes from 16 inches to 48 inches in diameter, the boom's high tensile strength and flexibility allow you to address your site's specific needs in the most cost-effective way. With proper alignment and boom configuration including skirts, your demarcation and public safety boom will function as an effective debris exclusion boom as well

All Season Booms: Watertight, corrosion-free, rot-resistant and UV-stable, MultiFucntion Booms have an excellent bending radius and a very high flexural modulus of elasticity. These properties, combined with the strength and ability to size a boom with the diameter, wall thickness, and attachments that most appropriately match your site-specific loads, allows you the opportunity to install an all-season boom, enhancing the safety of both the public and the operators and reducing costs. 

Fast Water and Tailrace Booms:

Fast and turbulent water posies unique challenges boom deployment. PNP offers High-Velocity Multifunction Safety Booms, designed to provide a 50-year service life. Warranted to be watertight for 5 years, these booms are corrosion-free, rot-resistant, and UV-stable. High-Velocity Multifunction Boom floats are manufactured using custom extruded, high-density polyethylene PE4710 material and conform to ASTM D3350 with the cell classification of 445574C/E. 

This unique design and special materials, allows owners, operators, and engineers to choose a size and boom diameter, with a tension member and boom wall thickness that will provide the safety, strength, and durability to meet site-specific fast water and tailrace boom requirements.

Built with a unique center-hole design, the strength member of the boom is the chain which passes through a steel-lined, 254mm HDPE center pipe (27.94mm wall thickness). To prevent twisting, PNP has fitted 1” galvanized end plates with knife plates, holding the fast water buoy in position along the center chain. The typical size for these booms is 91.4cm diameter, 2.44M long, with a 27.94 mm wall thickness. With the use of ccHDPE, standard booms are available in black, yellow, or orange color.

Fast Water Safety Buoys

For some fast and turbulent water, typical High-Velocity Multifunction Safety Booms are impractical. For these sites, PNP manufactures a duel pontoon fast water buoy, with keel, forward and aft components, and with galvanized steel transverse members and cross girders to provide strength, rigidity, and ack as a platform for signs or lights as required.   

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