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MultiFunction Booms™: modular boom system designed to be used in the head pond or tailrace for debris, ice, demarcation, fish guidance, public safety and dam safety. With up to 1 million pounds of tensile strength and a variety of connection methods between boom sections, these fully customizable boom systems allow operators to specify the size, features, applications, results and performance that best meet their operational and financial objectives. Learn more.

Reduce your O and M cost, increase your efficiency
Designed to provide a 50-year service life, MultiFunction Booms™ are watertight, corrosion free, rot-resistant, UV-stable and capable of withstanding temperatures to 140 degrees below freezing. These booms can withstand high deformation without fracture especially where ice, grounding, impact and heavy loads are expected. As a result you can both reduce your OPEX expenses and increase the efficiency of your facility with better debris guidance. For details and further information.
How MultiFunction Booms™ Work For You
If your site has booms that are failing or require excessive operations and maintenance support, if you are building a new site and have issues with debris exclusion or fish passage, contact us to discuss possible options. We are happy to visit you, share concepts, work with your engineers or suggest one if you need, and look over the options that will best suit your requirements whether for public or dam safety, debris exclusion, fish passage or revenue enhancement.
Built for better Performance
The key point of failure for booms is the method of connection. Built as individual pontoons or floats 10 or 20 feet long, they require shackles, chains or wire ropes to connect each individual section. These connections are both the tension members and the wear items; they become the failure points. Connections necessitate regular, sometimes frequent inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement. Loading on the boom is limited by the diameter of the strength member which reduces their use to low tension applications. As a result, at sites where booms are required for dam or public safety, they are often removed during high flows, just when operators need the debris exclusion the most. When it comes to efficiency, pontoons boom have gaps that allow debris to flow through or underneath them. MultiFunction Booms™ are built for better performance. The boom can be flange bolted together so the entire structure becomes the load member. When shackles or chains are used, they can match or exceed the working strength of the boom, which can be over one million pounds. And they can be configured or customized to address just about any unique debris, security, safety, operational or structural requirement.

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